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Arizona and Nevada face another round of water cuts as drought hammers Colorado River water levels

News Post || Tech News Arizona and Nevada will be hit with another round of cuts to their water supply,…

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Glowing Arctic snailfish is packed with antifreeze proteins

News Post || Tech News Greenland’s variegated snailfish produces antifreeze proteins that stop large ice crystal formation, keeping the animal’s…

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Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant ‘not designed to withstand fighting’

News Post || Tech News A scientist in Ukraine warns that the reactor at Europe’s largest nuclear power station is…

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Is hurricane season starting earlier? Some scientists think so

News Post || Tech News New research suggests that hurricane season might be starting earlier in the year — whether…

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Astronauts could use plasma to make oxygen and fertiliser on Mars

News Post || Tech News A form of matter called plasma, which contains charged particles, could help break up the…

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Simple chemistry can recycle polystyrene into more valuable products

News Post || Tech News UV light plus aluminium chloride as a catalyst can break down polystyrene so that it…

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Using propane in air conditioners could prevent 0.1°C of warming

News Post || Tech News There are expected to be 3.7 billion air conditioners in operation by 2050. Using propane…

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A large nuclear war could leave 5 billion people without enough to eat

News Post || Tech News The after-effects of nuclear war would be catastrophic for agriculture. Simulations show billions of people…

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Climate change is increasing the chances of a California ‘megaflood,’ experts warn

News Post || Tech News As California grapples with the spread of wildfires and severe drought, the threat of flooding…

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The U.S. could see a new ‘extreme heat belt’ by 2053

News Post || Tech News The projections are part of First Street Foundation’s new, peer-reviewed extreme heat model, which shows…

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